A little dog called Sid….


So this is little Sid, also known as sausage and Squidworth and he is a 3/4 Dachshund and 1/4 Corgi.
Since getting him in November he has grown longer and longer and it is clear he will be a beautiful yet little stubborn dog in the future!


Puppy training starts next month, hopefully by then he has picked up the pace as currently when on a lead he barley moves at all. The idea was to take Sid for lovely cold winter walks, to woods, parks and everywhere in between, but Sid has other ideas and prefers to sit and watch the world go by or bury himself under a pile of leaves.



My paintings

So I’ve always loved to paint, to make things and find anything creative to do. I did art and textiles for A-levels and even worked in a gallery for five years. I’m currently trying to sell my art but struggling to find the best way to send large canvases, so any ideas are welcomed!



The last piece is a commission for a relative, of her two children. This was my first paid piece of work and I found it to be quite daunting at first and was continually worrying whether or not she would like it. In the end I gave up with that idea and just went with how I felt.