Moving to New Zealand

nz 3 nz

So last year, 2014, I left my job to move to New Zealand for a six months… that turned into ten months because it was just so beautiful and I couldn’t bare to leave my boyfriend.

I flew all by myself, which was quite scary, spending most of my time in the airport following other people I recognised from my plane, just to make sure I didn’t miss the next flight. It probably didn’t help that I could never find my glasses and trying to squint and see the flight board sent me in many wrong directions and panicked me enough to text my boyfriends mum back in the UK so she could double check online for my gate number. I’m hoping after all this lone travelling I’m now a super expert and changing gate numbers will never phase me ever again.

But after all that, I finally landed in Wellington ┬áto see my boyfriend that I hadn’t seen in so long and the whole epic journey was quickly forgotten and a new adventure was just about to begin.