Two different paths

It has been thirty five days since you decided you didn’t want to be with me anymore. In those thirty five, I have been so confused and lost and gone through so many different emotions and I find it impossible to describe. I keep looking back, asking myself if I missed signs, or should I have known from the beginning? I keep looking at pictures, only taken weeks before, in Cape Verde and we look happy, content with our short time away, spending every minute together, like we did back in New Zealand…. I know we had a lot on our minds and our lives felt very stuck here in London and we weren’t living the lives we thought we should, but at least I thought those lives we dreamed were together, or at least mine were.

What am I meant to do now, when all ┬ámy plans and thoughts were with you, about you, everything I knew is now different and I feel alone.I don’t want to start all over, I felt connected, I felt I’d found someone with the same soul