Bob MarleySo I had my first print made by ZheeKlay printing of my Bob Marley portrait. Came out amazing, printed on beautiful textured paper and the colours came out fantastic.

The original, I created as a Christmas gift, but there was a lot of interest so I am in the process of making prints to sell on my Etsy Shop AndSophieSaid.

After watching the documentary Marley (2012) I found I had even more of a draw to him than I did before, I can’t believe I didn’t know that much about his life and I found the documentary to be so touching and emotional that I couldn’t help but want to express it. Since then I have created two portraits and I find him so enjoyable to paint, I will no doubt make more.


And Sophie Said…

And so it begins, business and art all muddled together as one, trying to create my own little business and trying to be successful.

Scary thought, I must say, but I visit so many amazing blogs and sites and I couldn’t help but be inspired to do the same.

A little about me, I grew up in sunny south-east London, I love to paint…. portraits mostly, trying to develop my style,and find what works, using mostly acrylics and whatever house paints are lying around the house.

So I’m hoping this blog will be about art, travel, cooking and whatever else I can find to do, and hopefully its fun to read and explore with me.